Coco Blanca is a 5-1/2-year old company owned by three empty-nesters looking to fill a void with their creative energy, innate sense of style, spirited work ethic and desire to create a feel-good shopping experience. It all began in 2009 during a family vacation in Cape Cod when Elisabeth Squire and Gayla Reed began tossing around ideas for a business concept. Each evening after dinner, the two of them would take their glass of wine and their cotton throws and quietly head out the back door to the water’s edge under their private “planetarium.” Sitting upon the rocks under millions of brilliant white stars, their business plan was hatched. Fast-forward one year, Susie Neithamer joined the team, adding her powerhouse management style. Within a very short period, they created a trademark look by using the neutral color palette of a coconut by the sea (with splashes of turquoise) and soon opened their second store. The result: a clean, fresh, sophisticated, feel-good style with an alluring coastal appeal.

About the Shop Owner

Meet the three creative, enterprising women behind the alluring Coco Blanca:

Susan Neithamer: With 22 years in business management, creating success and growth comes naturally.

Gayla Reed: With her innate sense of style, making everything beautiful comes naturally.

Elisabeth Squire: With a career in graphic design & photography, creating an “it” brand comes naturally.

What inspires Coco? The salty sea air, Hemingway’s spirited joie de vivre, and Hepburn’s effortless elegance.

Secret to Success: Insatiable work ethic, chilled wine, and an abundance of laughs.

Style Formula: Timeless, with just the right amount of hipness.

Color Palette: A refreshing blend of whites and neutrals, with a splash of turquoise. Think coconuts along the glistening azure sea.