Boutiques Give Back

Giving back to our community is a priority of the Boutique District. As small business owners, we know it’s hard work to fundraise and that every donation to your organization counts. Here’s how we can help.

The Boutique District shops invite community members and local nonprofit organizations to partner with us for give back shopping parties. Turn your everyday purchases, gift giving, and holiday shopping into dollars that will make a difference!

How does it work?

  • A nonprofit organization and boutique partner for a fundraising event.
  • The store agrees to host the party and give a percentage of sales during the event to the organization (e.g., 20%).
  • The organization rallies its constituents and supporters to attend the event and shop.
  • The boutique spreads the word to its customers.
  • The organization has a chance to showcase its cause during the event (e.g., a pop-up stand with brochures, animals present for adoption, choirs performing).
  • Supporters come to the event, mingle, and shop.
  • Within a few weeks of the event, the boutique will send a check to the organization.


Bishop Boutique Fashion 20% Hattie Dove 571.312.0042
fibre space Home & Arts 20% Danielle Romanetti 703.664.0344
La Cuisine Food, Wine & Cooking 15% Laurissa Avendano 703.836.4435
Olio Tasting Room Food, Wine & Cooking 25% Penny Willimann 703.909.8196
Red Barn Mercantile Home & Arts 20% Amy Rutherford 703.838.0355
Vintage Mirage Fashion & Jewelry 10% Elinor Coleman 703.535.8200