Lou Lou

Bringing style, luxury, and innovation to women without emptying their wallet.
132 King St.

Olio Tasting Room

Experience and learn about the highest quality and freshest olive oils and aged balsamic vinegars from around the world.
1223 King Street

Victoria at Home

Beautiful and complete line of home furnishings and interior design services.
1125 King Street

The Little Monogram Shop

A quaint monogramming boutique packed with gifts for every occasion.
106-½ North Columbus Street

Acme Mid-Century + Modern

A purveyor of fine furniture, art, accessories, and artifacts from the mid-century through the modern periods/styles.
218 North Lee Street, Atrium

The Dog Park

“Park” yourself here for the best selection of unique items for your unique dog or cat!
705 King Street

European Country Living

Offering everyone something unique and expertly crafted not to be found anywhere else.
1006 King Street


Bellacara is Old Town Alexandria’s neighborhood boutique for all things beauty.
1000 King Street


Embodies the “old running store” feel with decades worth of running memorabilia and memories.
1301 King St.

Stuart Nordin

A jewel box of a boutique featuring a beautiful, eclectic mix of treasures & gifts.
101 S. Saint Asaph Street

In the District...

Celebrate spring in style!

The Boutique District has you covered this spring as you prepare for your Easter, graduations, spring wedding events and parties. Follow our plan below and you will be sure to dazzle at home, at brunch and pretty much anywhere you go this season! KEY 529 Kids Consign: various styles at... read more »